AR Business Card

If the website is the digital face of the person, the business card is the physical face of the person.

Business card usage and business card exchange are very common both in our own culture and around the world. Although initiatives to eliminate the use of business cards have been established, the reason why these initiatives have not been successful is not fully knowing the importance of using business cards.

When meeting other people at events, you give your business card during the conversation. So one day in the future, the person you meet will remember you looking at their business cards and you will have a connection. It is also important for the first impression in the business world. That’s why you choose everything from the design of the business card to the inscription. The use of business cards can open the door to more than you can imagine.

As Navetis, we are a team that attaches great importance to the use of business cards. For this reason, we have different business cards for some of our projects in order to give the impression that we want to the people. But the only problem is that the business card should be simple and you want to write more information. We tried to solve this problem using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. With AR Business Card, we can provide digital add-ons to your business card, while your double-sided company or individual business cards have a simple appearance. For example, on one side of your business card we can sketch the area where your office is located and on the other side we can add promotional materials about your company.