AR Cards

Card Games Everywhere in Our Lives

There are many card systems with both games and information, where we can diversify examples such as playing cards for children, informative cards, board game cards.

As Navetis, we have designed a common card system for both children and young people. With physical cards, children will be able to learn about animals. At the same time, with the free AR-based mobile application we have prepared specifically for these cards, young people in certain age groups will be able to access some additional information and features included with the AR feature. Thus, they will turn the information cards into playing cards and enjoy augmented reality. Of course, we said at first, informative content about animals. At the same time with AR, we animate this content with 3d models and animations of animals.

Although AR Cards project mostly deals with places like schools, kindergartens, educational institutions, if you want to buy individual, please get an offer from us.