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Augmented Reality Experience in Magazines and Newspapers

With the intense using of technology, we can now easily read magazines and newspapers over the internet. But nothing can replace a physical magazine, a newspaper. It is also harmful to constantly look at the computer or phone screen. We all know this, so we should not give up some of our habits.

With the advent of Augmented Reality technology, we have seen AR use frequently in magazines. Popular Science became one of the pioneers of this and added videos with AR to some visuals in the magazine’s content. At the same time, the reader does not have to constantly use the application because it only uses AR in certain locations.

Such an innovative technology and the use of this technology in this sector excites magazines and newspapers. AR can easily explain some of the topics that magazines can use to provide different experiences to their readers and whether they can use material such as text and visual. It is in your hands and in our hands that AR-based journals enter our lives more. If you have such needs, send us an e-mail.