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The E-Sport market continues to grow rapidly.

In the past, playing against players in the online competitive games didn’t matter much. But in recent years, companies have realized that these games have a serious audience and have started to invest in this area. Even CSGO, PUBG, LOL tournaments have started to be held in big stadiums. As a result, decisions were taken to establish E-Sport stadiums. According to the latest data, the E-Sport sector has a market of approximately $ 1 billion. This market continues to grow rapidly.

Our team, which is not far from these issues, has also worked in this field. We are developing E-Sport maps specifically for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the most popular FPS (First Person Shooter) game in the world. We provide services to corporate firms or teams that support E-Sport in 2 different versions and 3 different sizes for each version.


1. Training maps (2-4 persons recommended),

2. Team match maps (recommended for up to 20 people)

3. Competitive game maps


1. Virtual (Map design is prepared in virtual environment according to the company’s wishes and concept.)

2. Real (The design of the map is based on a real area. The building of the company, the municipality, etc.)