A good example of the use of AR in health

The health sector is open to continuous development. As health science and health technologies, we learn new things every day. Augmented reality technology has entered our lives in the field of health. In the past, medical students were using cadavers or models, and now some of them are made through AR. Of course this is only an example of AR use, it is possible to see the use of augmented reality in almost every aspect of health.

The Phizi project is a mobile application that has been developed by our team thanks to Siemens Healthineers. Its purpose is to allow the patient and his / her relatives to manage the treatment process, primarily for use in physiotherapy departments. The system works as follows. Physiotherapy patients are given exercise cards by doctors, person or patient’s relatives by using this card Phizi displays how the movement should be done. It then places the phone across the training area and presses the “try it out” button. He tries to do the exercise in front of the phone as far as he remembers. Phizi makes assessments about exercise. It shows with statistics how well he did the exercise. When all these exercises are performed, these data are also sent to the person’s doctor as a report. Thus, there is no loss of time when you go to the doctor.

In short, Phizi AR combines technologies such as image processing and artificial intelligence, enabling a healthy progression of the treatment process and contributing to the hospital and the doctor by reducing the intensity of hospitals. If you want to be among the project investors, you can send an e-mail to