Quiz Business

Gamified Recruitment and Work Analysis Application

According to the researches, the exam contents of the companies are evaluated as stressful, tedious and inefficient by the employees.

Quiz Business is an application that supports the monitoring and evaluation of the knowledge of the employees in the companies. It shapes and accelerates the evaluations in the companies with its own analysis method, increases the productivity of the company and most importantly, it makes the evaluation more fun and effective with more than 8 gamification systems.

Quiz Business content and analysis is divided into 3 sections.

1- Education: In this section, users will solve the quizzes of company training. As a result, while providing a detailed analysis to the user through the analysis in the training section, an analysis and summary analysis similar to that of the company official is carried out. Summary analysis is based on artificial intelligence. It tells us in which field the employee is sufficient or inadequate, and in which field the company efficiency will increase.

2- Entertainment: In this section, users will be able to measure general culture levels by answering questions from the categories of science, geography, entertainment, art & literature, sports & hobby and history.

3- Job Interview: Only company officials will have access to this section. The company official will be able to solve the quiz that will be formed by the candidate coming to the job interview and measure the level of knowledge at that moment.

With more than 8 advantages, Quiz Business offers a fun experience to its employees with more than 8 gamification systems such as level, money and skillful wise. Please send an e-mail to info@navetisstudio.com to be among the project investors.